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Hello, friends! Here’s another “Made it Monday” for you! However, I have to explain. I love the 90’s. I was a kid/teenager of the 90’s and these days I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic. I lived for butterfly clips, denim overalls (with one strap unhooked), oversized flannel, Seventeen magazine and scrunchies. I love the 90’s so much, I want to have a themed party one day to bring back all my favorite 90’s things. I’ve poured over reruns of Felicity, The OC, Friends and now ER. It’s a serious deal and I am always looking for ways to feed my 90’s nostalgia. So, for this Made it Monday post, I want to introduce you to my crochet scrunchies!

Crochet Scrunchies

Whether you think “lots of New York women wear scrunchies” or not, this midwest woman now does. In fact, this product was so easy, I may make a whole batch of them. I got the idea from The Snugglery. Three different methods were highlighted, but I used the “in the round” method since this is closest to the scrunchies I liked. You start out with a basic hair tie and crochet around it. It was incredibly easy considering it was 8 stitches of hdc in the round. The hardest part was keeping the round straight with the hair tie involved.

Crochet Scrunchies

In the blog post, she used a J crochet hook to do hers. However, after making one with the J, I experimented with the H to see how it would change the size. The slightly smaller size of the finished scrunchie ended up working better for me as I have very thin, fine hair. However, I would probably use both regardless. I loved the finished product and could see myself walking around with these beauties on my wrist (and eventually in my hair).

What do you think? Do you have a favorite 90’s thing?


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